Q. What are the exact specifications of Luma Vue panels?


Luma Vue Crystal Panel Specifications
Panel Size
Image Size
Image Area
14.25 x 17.25
11 x 14
10.5 x 13.5
20 x 24
16 x 20
15.5 x 19.5
22 x 28
18 x 24
17.5 x 23.5
24 x 28
20 x 24
19.5 x 23.5
24.375 x 34.375
20 x 30
19.5 x 29.5
29 x 35
24 x 30
23.5 x 29.5
28.25 x 40.25
24 x 36
23.5 x 35.5
34.25 x 34.25
30 x 30
29.5 x 29.5
30 x 40
29.5 x 39.5

Q. What material are the images printed on?

A.  Images are printed on a photographic transparency material designed specifically for back lighting. Regular photographic paper prints will not work.  We use Fuji Fujitrans and Kodak Duratrans, which have a photographic emulsion on an acetate base.  This material provides long life, brilliant colors and rich black tones.

Q. Do you color adjust my file?

A. Yes, unless you tell us to print as is. You have this option on the image upload form.  We generally adjust color, density and saturation for the best look on the Luma Vue panel.  We are highly color managed and if your monitor is properly profiled, you may submit without adjustment and your image should look very close to your monitor.

Q. What layout should I use?

A.  Feel free to be creative and use any layout you want. You may use an image only or images and text.  If you use text or logos, please keep them at least ½” from all edges to make sure they are not covered by the black border.  Black and white images also look very good.

Q. What file type and size should I send?

A.  You may save your files as .tif or .jpg. PDF files are accepted, but not recommended as we first have to convert them to an image format for printing.  You may send files of any size but there is no need to increase the resolution as we will do this as we print.  Our online file upload system limits the upload to a total of 70 MB per transfer.

Q. How do I change images in the panel?

A. You can quickly and easily change images by following the Media Installation Instructions in this attachment: Click Here

Q. How do I hang or display my panel?

A.  The easiest way to display is on an easel. However, you can also hang by a wire or mount directly to the wall.  Instructions for hanging are covered in the attachment:  Click Here

Q. How do I order and get my file to you?

A.  When you use our online ordering system, you first place the order and pay through PayPal, either by credit card or your PayPal account. You will then be directed to a link to upload your image(s) directly to our servers.  If you have several very large files, please contact us for FTP information.